A record of delights and other thoughts.

In several years of developing a self-taught art career, I have never successfully maintained a blog. I know that nobody reads blogs anymore’ because our attention span has been reduce to that of a tweet, but sometimes I just think ‘I wish I’d written some of this down’. Part of this is just for me. I keep my own private notes and thoughts, journals full of sketches and bad poetry in a shadowy place where nobody will ever find it, but there is also something to be said for letting some of one’s heart be seen in the public space.

Thought processes are a pretty major part of being an artist and I love to read the thoughts of artists I follow, so this is simply my little way of honouring the transparency of all those I have learned from by adding to the internet my own little experiences of unfolding as an artist. It’s also my attempt, in the words of a favourite singer, to ‘arrest this moment’, celebrating all that is going well but also zooming by too quickly. I’m an out-loud-thinker and a deep meaning-seeker so be ready for that. Knowing me, it’ll probably be fairly sporadic but I hope at least that a few people might find a few interesting little bits and pieces here.