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"A long time ago, a star lived, died and exploded, giving its matter to the universe. Some of that matter made a dreamy little girl named Darcy. Some of it made her powerful mind, and in that mind she often thought about the stars and the deep, dark and beautiful universe from which she came".

When Darcy was a baby, she thought only of what was immediately around her. Her mother, her toys, hugs and comforts. But one day, she realises that the world is very much bigger than that and that she is just a tiny speck. This is a picture book about a character who is filled with wonder at the sheer size and mystery of the universe, and who wonders what her place might be in it. A book for children who are full of questions and dreams, that reminds us to look up, to care for the world around us and to believe that we can make a difference in it, no matter how little we are. Coming soon to Kickstarter.